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HRMS Modules

Recruitment and Onboarding

Recruitment management is designed to manage the recruiting and on boarding processes of a company. It is built with the purpose of assisting and managing the whole process of recruitment from job order to final placement of a candidate. Processes such as finding, assessing, interviewing and hiring new personnel etc. can be automated here.

Recruitment is a core function of HRMS which is the first step of appointment. The  main  benefits  of  this  system  are, employees  can  apply  for  job  openings which is posted publicly, employee referral, HR can send calendar invites to both interviewer and interviewee, builds large searchable talent pools, time saving, no manual records etc. When candidates apply for job openings and attach their resumes, their details automatically gets parsed and stored in a candidate information pool. After filtering these resumes, we can schedule interviews for selected candidates. An email about interview schedule can be send to both interviewer and interviewee. This helps interviewer to keep their information up-to-date. After the interview, interviewer can mark remarks about each candidate. The system also helps to send offer letters to selected candidates. Candidate can confirm or reject this letter. Only after confirming offer letter, appointment letter will be issued. By receiving this appointment letter, candidate can join the company.

Employee Management

Employees have a greater part in the development of an organization. Success of an organization depends heavily on its employees. As a result, the failure of an individual employee can make a greater impact for an organization.

Training Management

In HRMS, training module is used by training providers to organize and manage their training sessions. It is mainly designed to handle all tasks associated with running training sessions which make candidates capable of doing their work.

Loan Management 

Loan management is an important module as that of other modules. Details of employee loans are managed in this module.

Leave Management

Tracking attendance of employees manually is a complicated task when there are many employees in a company. Miscalculations may arise. Automated leave management or attendance system keeps a tab on the absence and presence of each employee. The details are safely saved in the company’s database and can be accessed later.

Payroll Management

At the end of each month, HR management calculates employee payroll. However, with the help of a payroll system, this job becomes much more comfortable. System will automatically calculate the salary based on the grade of employee, his or her attendance, tax returns, additions and deductions to finally give out a pay slip at the end.

Performance Management

For a business, performance management is an essential part today. It is much easier these days for you to gather and analyze data from all touch points of your business. Performance management is a process by which managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee’s work objectives and overall contribution to the organization. The fundamental goal of performance management is to promote and improve employee effectiveness. More than just an annual performance review, performance management is the continuous process of setting objectives, assessing progress and providing on-going coaching and feedback to ensure that employees are meeting their objectives and career goals.

Exit Management

Exit management or recovery covers processes that an organization needs to make in order to effectively end the relationship between the company and the employee, when an employee resigned or terminated from his/her services. It usually includes a lot of activities like submission of resignation request, request approval, NOC, F & F clearance, Issue of experience and relieving letters etc.


Reports help companies, organizations, or government to make prompt decision; making and planning.

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Importance of HR and Payroll software


HR-and- Payroll

HR and Payroll are two important modules of an organization. These modules play a vital role in protecting company’s reputation and development. Since, your employees are your real assets, ensuring employee welfare is important. That's why HR department is considered to be one of the most important departments of an organization.

In the course of time, management of employees and their records has become messier and tedious. To prevent this, organizations have linked employee payroll systems with HR Department. This will simplify HR procedures and increase employee productivity which further improves the productivity of organization.

Payroll system calculates the amount of money received by each employee based on the hours of time they worked (including over time works), deductions for their leave of absence, holidays etc. Gross pay with incentives, bonus additions, subtractions such as taxes, other withholding amounts etc. are calculated by the system.

How HR & Payroll software can faster growth of your firm?

  • Saves Time & Money

Time is a very important factor in an organization. Manual payroll calculation often involves complex calculations, which consume a huge amount of time. By using good payroll software, HR personnel can save and use this time efficiently for other productive works. Besides saving time, it is also very cost-efficient. It will enable you to cut down unnecessary costs spend on payroll processes and increase your company’s profit.

  • Reduce Accounting Workload

When it comes to maintaining and tracking your business records, payroll software is your ultimate business asset. We can easily extract reports in just one click.  By using good hr and payroll software, we can integrate with other systems and applications to make automatic entries. This will prevent manual accounting errors and eliminate double entries in your accounting systems. 

  • Automatic Reminders

Automatic reminders of HR and payroll software keep you on track and ensure that you don’t miss anything. Whether it’s employee payments or leave approval or submitting corporate taxes, you can finish all your tasks without facing the last-minute struggle. 

·    Strategic Planning

For an organization, strategic planning and decision making processes has very importance. HR and payroll software provides vital information that helps your management to take a review on important issues and finalise decisions. It also predicts future payroll expenses and helps the management to determine future goals and objectives for the faster growth and development of your firm.

·    Eliminate Payroll Errors

Whether you’re a small business or a large MNC, payroll errors can cost you high. Manual payroll computations include complex calculations which may include human errors. By using payroll software, we can eliminate chances of computing mistakes and produce error-free data and reports.

How HR & Payroll software improves employee's productivity?

Using HR and payroll software, you can improve individual employee productivity in the following ways:

§  Time & Attendance

HR and payroll software keeps detailed information about employee punching, number of leaves taken, remaining leaves etc. Average working hours spent by each employee, their performance analysis, salary revision etc. obtained from the system will help you to measure productivity of each employee. This will help you to focus on employees who need to improve their performance levels to meet your productivity targets.

§  Accuracy

By automating processes with good hr and payroll software, we can reduce double data entries, human errors and submit flawless work. This will also helps to maintain impartiality and transparency across all departments of the organization.

§  Additional Security

Most HR and payroll software are of government certification and high standard security. Personal details of each employee are well secured in a centralized system and individuals have access to each data.

§  Automated Systems

By automating processes and systems using HR and payroll software, we can have an organized flow of the entire system. Real-time tracking of activities, maintaining live employee data, monitoring and controlling the flow of information, maintaining higher security levels will significantly improve your company’s productivity and provide better results.

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