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What is HR and Payroll Software?

What is HR and Payroll Software?


Human Resource (HR) software is a software which is designed to help employees and organization to perform at their full potential. It manages employee information as well as organizational data. HR software blends a number of HR functions such as automation of  time-consuming manual tasks, storing and accessing information, data processing etc. 

Human resource software is also called as human resource management system (HRMS), human capital management (HCM) and Human resource information system (HRIS). HR software not only save your time but also assist with HR processes to make better planning, budget management, decision making etc.

Different Types of HR Softwares

HR software helps companies to manage their employees and organization effectively. It has the provision for managing leave, performance, training, payroll, attendance tracking etc. 

On-Premises HR Software

On-premises HR software operates within a small network. It is installed and run on individual computers of organization. On-Premises HR software can only be accessed and used from the computers that it has been installed on. This kind of software is secure and of lower cost than cloud-based software. But it is difficult to update and inconvenient for most organizations.

Cloud Based HR Software

Cloud based HR software relies on shared computing resources not on local servers or personal devicesMost organizations today are using cloud based HR software which gives access to mobile work forces. This kind of HR software can be accessed from anywhere using the right access logins.

Features of HR Software

HR software features include:
  • Good employee management.
  • Manual time-consuming tasks are reduced.
  • Easy and fast access to data.
  • Accurate statutory reports.
  • Helps in performance appraisal.
  • Efficient payroll management
  • Employee welfare management.
  • Reduce redundant data entry and errors.
  • Better grievance management.
  • Self-service options.
  • Reduce wastage of paper and storage.
  • Travel, loan and skill matrix management.
  • Improved participation throughout organization, even there are multiple company locations.
  • Employee leave and attendance tracking.
  • Timesheet management of progressing tasks.
  • Increased productivity of organization.

Benefits of HR Software

HR software benefits companies in a number of ways. It reduces various time consuming manual tasks and saves time for more productive tasks. Automating tasks with HR software allows to store and access data systematically and decrease errors of double data entry. There is also space and cost savings due to reduced use of paper, paper clips, ink etc.

Self-Service Options


Self service option allows employees to take care of many human resource-related and job-related tasks which would otherwise to be completed by human resources personnel or management. Self-service options can help many companies to save time and increase efficiency. When the feature is mobile optimised, self service becomes a popular module of HR software.

Using self service option, employee can access and update his/her personal information, view meeting schedules, submit leave requests, access company policies etc. 

Attendance Management

Attendance Management

Accurate and simplified attendance management based on ESS makes it more efficient. Using this feature, shifts can be created and managed, every employee’s in/out time can be tracked, work-from-home/out-duty attendance can be recorded and much more. Integrating time and attendance software with payroll functions can help a company to better calculate labour costs, overtime etc.

Leave Management

Leave Management

An efficient and workflow based leave management system that allows to track, record, manage and report on employee leave across the calendar year, with time details is inevitable for an organization. Submission of leave application by employees, approval of manager with workflow notifications, generation of reports, assistance in personalizing leave categories etc. can be done through this system.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management

Payroll management is an important feature in HRMS. An efficient payroll management system is an inevitable one for an organisation's development. In payroll management, salary calculation with deductions, with holdings and overtime payments according to the  category of employee is done. Full and final settlement of employee after his/her resignation is also calculated and managed here. 

Performance Management

Performance Management

Performance Management automates performance review of employees based on their skills. It is one of the important systems in HR and Payroll. Here we examine and evaluate an employee’s work behaviour by comparing it with predefined standards, then documents comparison results and uses these results to provide feed backs etc.

Recruitment Management

Recruitment Management

In recruitment management, software automates entire recruitment activity of a company. When you promote from the company itself, there is a positive effect on staff morale and work productivity. The main benefits of this system are, employees can apply for job openings which is posted publicly, employee referral, HR can send calendar invites to interviewer & interviewee, builds large searchable talent pools, time saving, no manual records etc. 

Training Management

Training Management

With training management you can organize and manage training curriculums, records, history, trainer’s details, schedules, training delivery and grading. They can handle tasks associated with training sessions such as administration tasks, processing online course bookings, reporting on vital business data, and sending surveys out to students etc. 

Task & Timesheet management

Task and Timesheet Management

Task & Timesheet management module helps to function all your tasks to be done well in time and enables you to maintain centralized directory of all in progress projects with customer details. Timesheet records duration of every tasks and accommodates a detailed breakdown of  tasks practiced by the employee. Provision for employees to enter day wise total work hours is also provided.

Grievance management

Grievance Management

Grievance management system is a way to help companies to know about the problems faced by their employees without directly consulting them. It helps in prioritizing grievances. It is an important system in HR and payroll through which grievances are identified and resolved as soon it arises.

Find Your Ideal HR Software

Selection of appropriate HR software will give a positive impact on company's growth. HR software should fit with company's culture and help to achieve company's goals efficiently.

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