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Triocodes Technologies introduces Smart Schedule, an appointment management system which is designed to manage the whole activities of a salon/spa. This system keeps track of client appointments, staff management, inventory management, customer data management along with billing etc. This is a fully equipped system that alone manages the entire functioning of a system.

By this system we can:

  • Automate process
  • Manage data easily
  • Make more customer friendly
  • Track daily sales and inventory levels
  • Save time
  • Schedule appointments easily
  • Easy billing
  • Purchase products
  • Manage services easily
  • Get notifications about the schedule and booking details by the integration of SMS gateway




Calendar bookings with color coded scheduling shows service duration of each staff.

  • Calendar - Color coded appointments with staff name and service duration.
  • Appointment Status - Mark status as Confirmed, Arrived, Started, Completed or Cancelled.
  • Notifications – Notification mail will be send to each staff about their schedules.


Quick billing, retail products, services.

  • Invoice – Get a list of invoices with three invoice formats.
  • Daily Sales Summary - Detailed view to transaction & cash movement summary.
  • Mixed Mode Payment – Collect payment by cash/card.


Clients can go for online booking from your Website or Face book Page for appointments with your salon.
  • Face book widget - Online booking widget for "Face book".
  • Website widget - Online booking widget for Website.
  • Online payment - Online payments can be done. 

Dashboard to get insights on Invoices, Appointments, Customers, Staffs and a list of Today's Bills, Today's Appointments, Monthly Sales Graph etc.

  • Dashboard - Graphical insight on monthly sales, count of invoices, appointments, customers and staffs, list of today’s bills and appointments etc.
  • Staff Details – Can view detailed info about each staff and can assign color codes to them.
  • Clients 3600 - Get complete info about existing clients.

Packages can be created by bundling multiple services. Offers or discounts can be given to loyal clients who often use your service.

  • Membership - Manage loyal clients and their offers & discounts.
  • Gift voucher - Sale and redemption of gift vouchers.
  • Packages - Bundle multiple service and sell them with offers.


Keep monitoring and updating products stock.

  • Retail Product Sale Sell products along with your services.
  • Stock Status – To increase/decrease product stock in inventory.
  • Low inventory  Low inventory notifications when the product stock is getting low.
  • Supplier Master  Manage supplier profile.
  • Purchase Order - Make purchase orders to suppliers and view your purchase history.


Easily manage staff profiles, work schedules, leaves, access controls etc.

  • Staff profile and work schedule - Manage your staff details and their work schedules.
  • Leaves – Keep the record of leaves and manage staff availability.
  • Staff Access Control - Give access rights based on staff roles & responsibilities.

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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Why you need Smart Force ?

Why you need Smart Force ?


Be it is a large or a small company, effective field staff tracking is a critical requirement of an organization nowadays. In this scenario, Triocodes Technologies has launched an android mobile app named Smart Force to help companies in tracking their salesmen working outdoors.

Field staff management is an important thing for an organization. Especially for those having sales department, there are more chances to provide wrong location information by employees. To assist companies in this situation, smart force is the best choice. It will help companies to make their employees work more responsibly by tracking the location, daily activities and lead estimation of marketing team.  

From courier delivery providers to real estate field marketing team, from pharmaceuticals to event management, all types of companies that send employees out for field work can benefit by the use of our app. It is an easy-to-use Android app which does not require any high-end technical knowledge. It has incorporated to track functionalities such as attendance with their current location, details of their meetings with clients, customer data collection, travelling expenses, client meetings and lead estimation. Whether it is small or large, the app is suited for any kind of organizations.

A smart phone based real time data capturing application which pin points the location address using phone's GPS will make this process easier. By installing smart force app on the phone you want to track, your admin can use a web application to allocate work tasks and locate the current position easily. The employee has to login into the application and have to mark their ‘on duty’ when they start their work. If the employee wants to travel as a part of his work, journey starting location wants to be entered.  Thus their location can be tracked by the admin and remain updated about the respective employee. Employee attendance with their current location, details of their client meetings (geographical location and time) can be monitored easily. After completing the work, employee marks ‘off duty’. Now the admin will have an employee wise record of covered locations.

Now let’s have a look at the features and benefits of smart force.  


·            User-friendly interface
·            View to daily assignments
·            Both  online and offline working
·            Location display on  google map
·            Attendance  punch  from mobile 
·            Customizable
·            Integrate with CRM


  • Increased sales & productivity
  • Locate employees as per defined time frequency
  • Keeps record of employee’s work for further use
  • Tracks daily attendance with the current location  
  • Records travel/conveyance as per assigned clients  
  • Generation of TA/DA report as per visited client details
  • Can collect feed backs/suggestions about client meetings  
  • Pre-planned meetings & assignments can be assigned
  • Can track the whole journey of  employee for the estimation of TA 
  • Real-time inventory can be integrated. 

To know more about smart force, please visit www.
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