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How to Make Payroll Easy with Trio HRMS?

 How to Make Payroll Easy with Trio HRMS?


Payroll processing is an important function in an organization. Keeping up with your employees' payroll is time-consuming and complicated, and you're the one on the line if the taxes aren't calculated correctly. This takes valuable time away from running your business as you concentrate on complying with payroll laws.

Then how to make payroll easy? The answer is Trio HRMS. Trio HRMS calculates employee payroll based on the grade of employee, his or her attendance, tax returns, additions and deductions to finally give out a pay slip at the end. However, with the help of Trio HRMS, payroll will be easier for you.



Using Trio HRMS, you can significantly decrease the amount of time you spend on calculating pay and withholdings. It calculates the amount of money received by each employee based on the hours of time they worked (including over time works), deductions for their leave of absence, holidays etc. Gross pay with incentives, bonus additions, subtractions such as taxes, other withholding amounts etc. are also calculated here.

Now let’s check how Trio HRMS benefits you:

·      Saves Time & Money

For an organization, time is a very important factor. Manual payroll processing often involves complex calculations, which consumes a huge amount of time. By using Trio HRMS, HR personnel can save and use this time effectively for other productive works. Besides saving time, it is also very cost-efficient. It will enable you to cut down unnecessary costs spend on payroll processes and increase your company’s profit.

·      Reduce Accounting Workload

When it comes to maintaining and tracking your business records, Trio HRMS will be your ultimate business asset. You can easily extract reports in just one click. By using Trio HRMS, we can integrate with other systems and applications to make automatic entries. This will prevent manual accounting errors and eliminate double entries in your accounting systems. If you calculate your payroll manually, you must keep a track of every employee’s withholdings and complete all federal paper works. Employer should retain these records for three years. So you must be organized and have sufficient storage space. But using Trio HRMS, you can keep records electronically rather than taking up valuable space in your office as well as pay proper amount in your monthly taxes.

·     Automatic Reminders

Automatic reminders of Trio HRMS keep you on track and ensure that you don’t miss anything. Whether it’s employee payment or submitting corporate taxes, you can finish all your tasks without facing the last-minute struggle. 

·  Eliminate Payroll Errors

Whether you’re a small business or a large MNC, payroll errors can cost you high. Manual payroll computations include complex calculations which may include human errors. By using Trio HRMS, we can eliminate chances of computing mistakes and produce error-free data and reports. 

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Author : Neena Johny

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Trio HRMS - What & Why ?

Why you need Trio HRMS ?

Trio HRMS - A fully web based, full fledged HRMS solution that covers the whole process from beginning recruitment to final settlement. It incorporates Leave Management, Payroll Management, Training Management, Attendance Management, Employee Self Service, Performance Management, Recruitment Management, Grievance Management, Task and Time sheet Management. It is customizable, mobile responsive and have mobile app for employee self service. You can experience the best, secure, user-friendly HRMS with Trio HRMS.

How Trio HRMS will help your company

  • Efficient employee management.
  • Reduce time-consuming tasks through automation.
  • Easy and fast access to information.
  • Accurate statutory reports.
  • Helps in Appraisal.
  • Reduce redundant data entry and errors.
  • Grievances can be identified and resolved soon as it arises.
  • Employee self-service options.
  • Improved ability to reach large candidate pools regarding new position openings.
  • Reduce the wastage of paper and storage which is a cost saving.
  • Travel, loan and skill matrix management.
  • Improved participation throughout organization, even when there are multiple company locations.
  • Employee leave and attendance tracking.
  • Timesheet management of progressing tasks.
  • Fast payroll processing.
  • Perform analysis and review metrics related to various aspects of the organization which can assist in better decision making.

1. Organizational Objectives:

•  To achieve efficiency.
•  To attain organizational goals.
  To acquire right man for right job at the right time.
  To provide right kind of training.
  To utilize and maintain the selected workforce.
  Succession planning.

2. Functional Objectives:

  To build coordination between various departments.
  To maintain department's contribution appropriate to need.

3. Personal Objectives:

  Offers total employee satisfaction and self-actualization.
  To assist employees in achieving their personal goals.
  To manage the welfare of employees.

4. Societal Objectives:

  HRMS must see that the legal, ethical & social environmental issues are properly attended to.
   Equal opportunity & equal pay for equal work are the legal issues not to be violated.
  To help the society by generating employment opportunity.

Author : Neena Johny

How to Make Payroll Easy with Trio HRMS?

  How to Make Payroll Easy with Trio HRMS? Payroll processing is an important function in an organization. Keeping up with your emp...