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Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a mixture of systems and processes through HR software to ensure the easy and efficient management of data and employees of an organization. TRIO HRMS is a fully web based, Full- fledged HR software which assists you from the recruitment to the final settlement of an employee. Mobile app for employee self service, mobile responsiveness, customization are its important features. It helps to reduce time-consuming tasks related to human resources management. TRIO HRMS blends a number of necessary HR functions, such as employee self service, payroll management, performance management, training management, task & timesheet management, grievance management, leave management, recruitment processes, training management and attendance record tracking. Through TRIO HRMS, it ensures that Human Resources processes are manageable and easily accessible. It provides a way of acquiring, storing, analysing and distributing information. 

Benefits of HRMS

The HR department is considered as the spine of an organization. In order to function effectively, HR departments must have the right tools and resources in place. TRIO HRMS benefits you in the following ways:

  • Manage employees effectively.
  • Fast payroll processing.
  • Improved access to information.
  • Accurate statutory reports.
  • Helps in Appraisal.
  • Reduce redundant data entry and processes.
  • Improved employee satisfaction.
  • Accelerate the frequent tasks through automation.
  • Improved ability to reach large candidate pools regarding new position openings.
  • Speedy on boarding using mobile accessibility.
  • Reduced wastage of paper and storage which is a cost saving.
  • Travel management.
  • Loan management.
  • Skill matrix management.
  • Sales person's mobile real time tracking.
  • Employee self-service options.
  • Improved participation throughout organization, even when there are multiple company locations.
  • Improved training capabilities.
  • Error reduction in payroll and employee information database.
  • Employees leave tracking.
  • Timesheet management of all progressing tasks with customer details.
  • Grievances can be identified and resolved soon as it arises.
  • Improved and accurate time attendance tracking abilities.
  • Improved HR productivity.
  • Performs analysis and reviews metrics related to various aspects of the organization which can assist in better decision making.


To know more about TRIO HRMS and for our free demo, visit Best HR and Payroll, HRMS - Triocodes Technologies


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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Smart Force App - Triocodes

Smart Force App-Triocodes Launches New App for Sales Team

How to manage field staff effectively ? What are the best tools to be used for tracking their daily analysis ? These are the major problems faced by many companies  in the field staff management nowadays. To assist companies in this situation, Triocodes Technologies Pvt.Ltd launches a new mobile app for sales team- "Smart Force". The app is mainly aimed to track the sales men working outdoors. It will  help companies to make their employees work more responsibly and can track the daily activities of marketing team. It is an easy-to-use app which allows managers and teams to seamlessly connect and communicate. You don’t need high-end technical knowledge to use this app.

Smart Force App

Smart Force app has incorporated to track the sales force functionalities such as Attendance, Customer Data Collection, Travelling Expenses, Client Meetings and Lead estimations. Whether it is small or large, the app is suited for any kind of organizations. Through this app, the attendance of employees with their current location, details of their meetings with clients (geographical location and time) can be monitored.

Features of Smart Force

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Punch attendance from mobile.
  • Customized forms to capture & send business related information instantly.
  • Get daily assignments.
  • Add places on map & mark.
  • Integrate with CRM.

How does it work ?

Smart Force is a smart phone based real time data capturing application. It pin points the location address using phone's GPS. By installing Smart Force app on the phone you want to track, your admin can use a web application to allocate work task and can locate the current position easily.

To know more,visit Smart Force (Work Force Tracking System).

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Tuesday, 26 September 2017


TRIOCODES - Codes Your Thoughts 

Triocodes Technologies Private Limited is a leading IT company based in Cochin, Kerala which offers web and mobile solutions for startups and enterprises world wide from 2015.The word "Trio" itself stands for software development, mobile application and web designing.We could help our customers to express their thoughts into software codes -"Codes your thoughts". A team of dedicated web developers working coincidentally with UX/UI and cloud architects, professionally skilled app developers, talented web designers, SEO analysts etc. are our important assets. 

Customer is our king.We have more than hundreds of happy and satisfied customers/clients around the world.We carefully listen our customers and understand their demands,opinions and feed backs. Thus we can confidently say that our products and services will stun the customer in a positive way. We are very concerned about each and every minute.So giving best quality services within time is our highlighting feature.We also ensures to provide good maintenance and support to our products even after the delivery. Customers can analyse each and every step of their growth in business's performance and profit chart also.


  • Mobile App Development
  • E-commerce Development
  • Software Development
  • Website Designing
  • Digital Marketing
  • HR-Payroll Outsourcing Portfolio 

Mobile App Development

Nowadays people are getting 'Smart' with the changing technologies in mobiles and devices.People are using mobile apps more instead of websites-be it entertainment, travelling, social media, gaming etc. Triocodes builds several apps for Pads, iPhones, Android powered Smart Phones, Tablets etc.We have skilled app developers for developing all kinds of apps which will fit for your business objectives.Good user experience,reduced cost of development,better brand popularity etc. are the main features of our apps.

E-commerce Development

Websites have vital role in online business and its marketing process.Our E-commerce platform is giving a chance to customers to know more about your products or services with less effort.We develop websites based on  varying business requirements, purpose of the site and several other parameters.We offer you the best quality E-commerce development and design at affordable rates,Secured and easy transactions from computer and mobile,Promotions to the product with the help of social medias,Ensures good conversation rates,Complete control for the E-commerce content management.

Software Development
Triocodes provides the most ideal software solutions to customers which can transform their day to day operations into a streamlined faster and cost effective process.We could help to express customer thoughts into software codes.We develop unique customized software applications and use best technologies to resolve business needs of our customers.We also offer a free consultation meeting to listen needs and issues of our customers.Both Desktop applications(offline) and Web based software solutions at affordable costs are provided by Triocodes.

Website Designing

First impression is the best impression.To project your brand and vision,websites play an important role. A well designed website can attract and convert a visitor into customer/client. Triocodes can design and develop cost effective websites using the latest website designing tools for our customers.By adding spices to the look of your site, studying  the pros and cons of your website, recommending needed changes on your web pages,we can highlight your online presence and help your site to reach the targeted audience easily.We proudly present before you our talented team of professionals to deliver attractive, simple, elegant, informative and user friendly designs that highlight your uniqueness which will help to stand out from the crowd. Designs which promotes user interaction and feed backs for all budgets are provided.

Digital Marketing

Are you looking for marketing your products or services using digital technologies? Importance of digital marketing for business promotion in today's scenario is inevitable.Selecting the best company for digital marketing is the first step.We, Triocodes offer you the best digital marketing solutions using trending digital media to reach out the targeted audience.Digital Marketing Strategy & Consulting, Search Engine Optimization (Website Hygiene), Search Engine Marketing & Paid Campaigns, Display, Social engagement etc.are our main areas of service.We can confidently say that you will be very happy with our efficient and cost effective services.

HR-Payroll outsourcing portfolio

In HR-Payroll Outsourcing Portfolio, we are delivering value added applications and business services to our customers.We provides the benefits of outsourcing to our customers by effectively managing and reducing risks associated with off-shoring. Employee Recruitment, New Hire Services, Employee Information Management, Employee Self Service, Payroll Management, Leave/ Vacation Management, Time and Attendance Management, Salary Details, Training Management, Performance and Appraisal Management, Full and Final Settlement Reports etc. are our main areas of services.Our efficient process management skills and risk handling capacity will give the best results beyond your expectations.

For more details,visit our page

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