Thursday, 25 January 2018

Entrepreneur must be a team player

Entrepreneur must be a team player

Starting a new business is a great achievement to an entrepreneur, but maintaining it successfully is a big challenge. Overcoming challenges whether they are big or small is a great job. 

Triocodes Technologies is a complete software solution which offer good quality products and incomparable support to our customers. We carefully listen to customers and understand their demands, opinions, feed backs etc. We could help them to express their thoughts into software codes -"Codes your thoughts".

Mr. Aji Joseph, CEO of Triocodes quoted that "Retaining customer relationship through quality service is also primary as growing business".

Problems Faced:

To occupy a clear and unique position in industry many start up companies end up on lower prices to grow their business. But when it come to action, they cannot provide their service support at these lower rates. Need of customers to design software at these rates was a big challenge.

Tips of successful business:

We provide our 24*7 incomparable service support to customers. Customer satisfaction is our main motto. We have more than hundreds of happy and satisfied customers around the world. New clients demanding our products and  services is also an important achievement. It is only the strong customer relationship with our clients which made our company to grow quickly from 2013.   

To Entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneur must be a team player. Maintaining an employee friendly environment to work is also an important factor in the growth of business.


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