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Recruitment Management System


Recruitment management system plays an important role in the growth and development of an organization. Employing right people with right talents is a tedious and complicated task. It is essential to have a good recruitment management system to effectively manage the whole process from job vacancy creation to final placement of the candidate.

TRIO HRMS’s recruitment management system automates entire recruitment activity of a company. Processes such as creating vacancies, publishing, finding, interviewing, short listing, assessing, hiring etc. can be automated with this system. 

Main benefits of this system include creation of job vacancies within existing or new designations, employees can apply for job openings which are posted publicly, HR can send calendar invites to both interviewer and candidate, can filter candidates, saves time, builds large searchable talent pools, no manual records etc.

Our recruitment management system is very simple and easy to use. HR can create and publish job vacancies. Once job requirement got completed, an option to close the same is also available here. While publishing the job, a link will be provided, so that it can be posted in job portals and social medias. When candidates apply with their attached resumes, their details get automatically parsed and stored in a candidate information pool. After filtering these resumes, HR can schedule interview for selected candidates. When interviews are scheduled, an email notification with interview details will be send automatically to both the interviewer and the candidate. Interviewer can evaluate each candidate by adding their scores and remarks. After pre - employment verification, shortlisted candidates will be given offer letters via mail. Candidates can accept or reject this letter. By accepting the offer letter, final placement of candidate will be done. 

Let’s look what are the benefits of having our recruitment system,
  • Makes recruitment process faster and easier.
  • Automates your hiring routine.
  • Effective hiring of right talent.
  • Easy management of data.
  • Provides best candidate experience by email interactions.
  • Saves time & quickly process a no. of resumes at once.
  • Can organize, categorize and shortlist candidates.
  • Can create a careers page for posting job openings.
  • Can extend your reach using job portals, social medias etc.
  • Can customize as per your requirements.
  • Increase performance and efficiency of HR department.

For more details, please visit or call 8943338666. 

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