Thursday, 28 September 2017

Smart Force App - Triocodes

Smart Force App-Triocodes Launches New App for Sales Team

How to manage field staff effectively ? What are the best tools to be used for tracking their daily analysis ? These are the major problems faced by many companies  in the field staff management nowadays. To assist companies in this situation, Triocodes Technologies Pvt.Ltd launches a new mobile app for sales team- "Smart Force". The app is mainly aimed to track the sales men working outdoors. It will  help companies to make their employees work more responsibly and can track the daily activities of marketing team. It is an easy-to-use app which allows managers and teams to seamlessly connect and communicate. You don’t need high-end technical knowledge to use this app.

Smart Force App

Smart Force app has incorporated to track the sales force functionalities such as Attendance, Customer Data Collection, Travelling Expenses, Client Meetings and Lead estimations. Whether it is small or large, the app is suited for any kind of organizations. Through this app, the attendance of employees with their current location, details of their meetings with clients (geographical location and time) can be monitored.

Features of Smart Force

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Punch attendance from mobile.
  • Customized forms to capture & send business related information instantly.
  • Get daily assignments.
  • Add places on map & mark.
  • Integrate with CRM.

How does it work ?

Smart Force is a smart phone based real time data capturing application. It pin points the location address using phone's GPS. By installing Smart Force app on the phone you want to track, your admin can use a web application to allocate work task and can locate the current position easily.


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