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Recruitment Management System (RMS)

Recruitment Management System (RMS)


A recruitment management system (RMS) is a set of tools designed to manage the recruiting process. It is built with the purpose of assisting and managing the whole process of recruitment from job order to final placement of a candidate. Processes such as finding, assessing, interviewing and hiring new personnel etc. can be automated with this system. Recruitment is a core function of human resource management which is the first step of appointment.
TRIO HRMS’s recruitment management system automates entire recruitment activity of a company. When you promote from the company itself, there is a positive effect on staff morale and work productivity. The main benefits of this system are, employees can apply for job openings which is posted publicly, employee referral, HR can send calendar invites to both interviewer and interviewee, builds large searchable talent pools, time saving, no manual records etc.
Our recruitment management system is simple and user friendly. When candidates apply for job openings and attach their resumes, their details automatically gets parsed and stored in a candidate information pool. After filtering these resumes, we can schedule interview for selected candidates. An email about interview schedule can be send to both interviewer and interviewee. This helps interviewer to keep their information up-to-date. After the interview, interviewer can mark remarks about each candidate. The system also helps to send offer letters to selected candidates. Candidate can confirm or reject this letter. Only after confirming offer letter, appointment letter will be issued. By receiving this appointment letter, candidate can join the respective company.
In most companies, recruitment is done by HR Manager. But in some cases, public-sector employment agencies or commercial recruitment agencies may help to undertake the recruitment process. Our recruitment management system lets you reach the most talented candidates by enhancing visibility for all your job openings. 

  • Automate your hiring routine and make recruiting fast and easy
  • Effective hiring of right talent
  • Can easily manage applicant data, organize, categorise and shortlist candidates
  • Provide the best candidate experience by interacting through integrated email, text option
  • Keeps a record of sent mails
  • Saves time & quickly process a no. of resumes at once
  • Can create a careers page for posting job openings
  • Applications for multiple job openings can be accepted at once
  • Can extend your reach using popular job boards, direct sourcing and existing social medias
  • Candidate login to apply for multiple job openings and profile update
  • Can customize your own formatted resume template to bring uniformity in resumes
  • Can customize as per your requirements, automate workflows and create rules for all your manual entry tasks 
  • Increased efficiency of  HR departments

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