Monday, 14 May 2018



We Triocodes Technologies Private Limited, well known for software and mobile application development launched our new mobile application for marketing team. The app is mainly aimed for helping companies to observe their salesmen working outdoors.

We have introduced HRMS and Payroll software package for helping companies to make their employees work more responsibly and Smart Force app developed, tracks the daily analysis of marketing team. Aji Joseph, CEO of Triocodes remarked that the ‘Smart Force’ mobile app will be very useful for companies working in different sectors.

Huge relief for employers

The app has incorporated to check the travels of sales professionals, the estimation of their leads etc. Along with the HR applications, we also provide Readymade Billing software, Inventory Management software, ERP system for Automobile industry, CRM for Builders etc. to our customers.
Triocodes - News letter

Triocodes Private Limited which concentrates on the development of mobile applications and websites, works under the idea of coding customer thoughts into software codes. (Codes your thoughts).Triocodes CTO Resmi Reghunath has informed that besides mobile apps and websites, our company can provide websites including E-commerce platforms at affordable rates for those who are willing to enter the field of online marketing.

Aji Joseph was quoted as saying “To become strategic partners of Log IT and UYG companies in Dubai and Muscat has been the company’s greatest achievement of last year”. Apart from different customized services, Triocodes developed websites such as etc. for the public welfare. 

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